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1972-01. In this month Benny and Frida buy a house in Vallentuna, north of Stockholm. 
1972-01-10 Recording 'Kom Och Sjung En Sång' and 'Vi Är Alla Ara Barn I Början' for Frida's record produced by Benny. Backing vocals on both tracks by Björn and Agnetha.
1972-01-28 Agnetha will play Maria Magdalena in the Swedish version of 'Jesus Christ Superstar'.

1972-01-29 Björn, Benny and Lena Andersson are in London to record tracks for Lena's album


1972-02-04 Recording 'Vart Ska Min Karlek Fora' and 'Nu Ska Du Bli Stilla' for Agnetha's part in 'Jesus Christ Superstar', produced by Björn.
1972-02-13 Lena Andersson finishes 3rd at the Melodifestivalen with 'Säg Det Med En Sång' written by Björn, Benny and Stig.
 Stig, Björn and Benny present at the Melodifestivalen
1972-02-14 The photo shoot of the boys in the snow in Skansen park is done today.

1972-02-18 First performance of 'Jesus Christ Superstar' in Gothenburg.

Backstage with Björn

1972-03-08 Recording the Björn & Benny duo track 'Att Finnas Till'. No girls on this record. 
1972-03-21 Recording 'I'd Give Anything To Be Back Home In...' what became later 'Santa Rosa'. No Frida and Agnetha on this track.
1972-03-24 Recording work for an other Polar artist.
1972-03-29 Backing tracks of 'People Need Love' and 'Merry-Go-Round' with all four future ABBA members. The yodelling at the end of 'People Need Love' was the idea of the girls.


1972-04-10 Björn, Benny and Frida are present at the Annual spring party of 'Expressen' in a Stockholm restaurant . Among the guests was Tim Rice, lyricist of 'Jesus Christ Superstar'.
1972-04-05 Guitar overdubs for 'People Need Love'.
1972-04-29 Concerts of the Hootenanny Singers with Benny in Linkoping and Gamleby. The group tour the Folkparks on weekend during the summer of 1972.
1972-04-30 Björn, Benny, Agnetha & Anni-Frid perform "People Need Love" on youth programme "Vi i femman".

1972-05-01 Agnetha begins the annual folk park circuit with the thirty minute "Agnetha Fältskog Show" in Malmö.


1972-06 Release single 'People Need Love' - Merry-Go-Round'.
1972-06-12 Agnetha guest on German tv-show "Drehscheibe" with her German single: "Geh' Mit Gott". 1972-04-30 Recording 'Ah, Vilka Tider' and 'Den Stora Kärleken' with backing vocals of the girls

Agnetha on tv-show 'Gammeldans'

1972-07  Frida on tour through Sweden with Rolf Berge.
1972-07-27 Backing tracks of 'Ska Man Skratta Eller Gråta' and 'Man Vill Ju Leva Lite Dessemellan' for Frida's album with Benny, Björn and Agnetha on backing vocals.


1972-08-26 Agnetha ends her summer tour today with concerts in Örebro and Vretstorp. 
1972-08-30 Recording backing tracks of The Rock'n Roll Band, a working title of 'Rock'n Roll Band and 'Love Has Its Ways' as the duo Björn and Benny. No Agnetha and Frida here.


1972-09-18 Backing tracks of Agnetha's solo single produced by Björn, with Benny on keyboards and backing vocals
1972-09-26 Recording 'Contemptation' what later possibly became 'Another Town Another Train' and guitar work on 'Rock'n Roll Band'.
1972-09-28 Work on Agnetha's solo single.


1972-10-17 Recording backing tracks of 'Nina, 'Pretty Ballerina' and 'He Is Your Brother'. 
1972-10-21 Björn and Benny are working with Ted Gärdestad today.
1972-10-29 Sax overdubs for 'He Is Your Brother'.

1972-11. Release single 'He Is Your Brother' - 'Santa Rosa'.
1972-11-02 A new track was made for 'Nina, Pretty Ballerina' today.
1972-11-17 Underway to Tokyo, Japan.
1972-11-18 Björn, Benny and the girls performed 'Santa Rosa' at the World Popular Song Festival in Tokyo. ABBA in Japan. Video with the audio recording

ABBA in Japan


1972-12.. The foursome do a photo shoot for the Vecko-Revyn magazine for their Christmas issue. The shoot takes place at Björn and Agnetha's flat. Christmas with ABBA